Silver medal, Copa Cervezas de America 2015
Caribeño, Bronze medal, Copa Cervezas de America 2018

Mead Maker's Notes

" Caribeño is a celebration of the popular flavors of the Costa Rican Atlantic side. It was born inspired by the bile or "water and frog" of the Caribbean. Caribeño merges the traditional corn chicha, mead and water and frog. Which results in an intense drink in flavor and aroma, but very refreshing, light and extremely easy to drink. With intense notes of citrus, honey and ginger. Caribeño is very special to us because it is one of the first drinks in which we use our criollo corn malt Costa Rican in his process." - Alejandra Araya

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Victor (Heredia, CR)
Ustedes la necesitan

Es mi bebida alcoholica favorita, muy refrescante.
Una enhanced hiel bien hecha

Mark (San José, CR)

Probamos este producto en un dia de mucho calor y es excelente , nos permitió disfrutar un grupo, la calidad es excelente. Ya habíamos probado hidromiel en otro pais pero no es ni cerca de este. Los felicito keep on going

Jorge Sabater (San José, CR)

Muy buen sabor, buena presencia y gran personalidad. 👍🏼👍🏼


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