Mead Maker's Notes

The wild ale was made with black corn malt (pujagua congo), fermented with wild bamboo yeast and matured for 12 months. The wild mead was made with fresh and dried black mulberry trees, fermented with wild mulberry yeast, and matured for 30 months. After making the blend, it was macerated for 2 more months with kaffir lemon peels.

Eclectic blurs the line between a wild ale and a wild mead. It is fruity with a high tannin content. Low acidity, with intense notes of raisins, currants and black cherries. Its tannins and low carbonation make it feel very winey. And its incredible aroma of dark berries, Brett and honey invite you to try it.

Eclectica is made only with micro flora and fruit from the farm. It is very complex but at the same time easy to drink. It is made for those who appreciate funk and atypical products.

Pairs wonderfully with lamb, octopus, mushroom dishes and creamy mature cheeses.

Customer Reviews

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Mallory (Tallahassee, US)

Muy bien y muy rico!! Este es muy unico y me gusta mucho

La creación de ECLÉCTICA



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