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Complex. Fruity. Sweet.

PASSIFLORA RUM BARREL-AGED is a very special edition of Passiflora!
This sweet honey wine with passion fruit has been aged for more than 3 years. In 2019 we stored a batch of Passiflora in a recently emptied oak barrel that was being used by Ron Centenario.

In the aroma and flavor, the intense notes of wood, dark rum and honey are intertwined with the fruity and acid notes of passion fruit.

  • 375 mL bottle
  • 14.5% alc. / vol.
  • Gluten free

Ingredients: Water, Honey, Passion Fruit and Yeast.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Luis Daniel Mora Delgado (Panama City, PA)
Sabor Increible

Se nota la calidad con la que fue fabricado, el sabor y como se nota que es añejado en barril de Ron, hace que tenga un sabor y aroma asombroso, la combinacion de sabores, todo perfecto para obsequiar para una persona importante y tambien para realizar un brindis.

Santiago (San José, CR)
miel y maracuya más amor

Que mas exótico que la miel y la maracuya? Una delicia la verdad. Y además hecha con amor.

Oscar Mendez Campos (Puntarenas, CR)

Buenas tardes aun no he abierto la botella

"Our PASSIFLORA RUM BARREL-AGED mead came about by chance. We were participating in a festival and our booth was next to Ron Centenario's. For 3 days, we had fun trying each other's products, mixing and matching. One combination really stood out: our passion fruit mead with a splash pof aged rum. This gave us an idea: why not age our mead in a rum barrel? The master distiller of Ron Centenario tasted our mead and invited us to the distillery, where we acquired a barrel for aging.

This was our first time aging mead in barrels. It was fascinating to see how mead developed and evolved. We tried it every 4 to 6 months, and each time it was a different experience. The rum cask imparted subtle notes of vanilla and oak, beautifully complementing the tropical passion fruit.

We weren't sure how long to age the mead. There was pressure to bottle and sell sooner than later, but the longer we waited, the better it became. In the third year, we received a visit from the former brewmaster of New Belgium Brewing Company. We gave him a sample straight from the barrel. He called it "truly transcendental." That's when we knew it was ready.

This mead shows who we are at Costa Rica Meadery. We care about quality and are willing to take the time to do things right. We believe that the blend of our Passiflora mead and the flavors of the Centenario Rum barrels has created something truly special. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. " - Alejandra Araya

PASSIFLORA RUM BARREL-AGED MEAD paired with glazed ham


Glazed pork dishes are ideal to pair with PASSIFLORA RUM BARREL-AGED. The sweetness of the glaze harmonizes perfectly with the mead, while the rum notes enhance the caramelized flavors of the meat. Try pineapple-glazed pork tenderloin or orange-glazed baked ham. The acidity of the passion fruit cuts through the richness of the dish, creating a perfect balance that you will love.


For an exquisite pairing, combine PASSIFLORA RUM BARREL-AGED with a dark chocolate dessert. The subtle bitterness of dark chocolate is beautifully balanced by the sweetness of mead, while notes of rum enhance the roasted flavors of cocoa. Enjoy a dark chocolate mousse or a freshly baked brownie. The acidity of the passion fruit cuts through the richness of the chocolate, creating a truly irresistible combination.



For a sweet finish, PASSIFLORA RUM BARREL-AGED marries perfectly with an apple Tarte Tatin. The caramelization of the apples harmonizes with the rum and wood notes of the mead, while the acidity of the passion fruit cuts through the richness of the dessert. Serve the cake warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The mix of warm and cold, sweet and tart flavors creates a truly memorable dessert experience.


The best temperature to serve PASSIFLORA RUM BARREL-AGED MEAD is between 10°C and 12°C. This temperature allows you to fully appreciate the complexity of its aromas and flavors, including notes of wood, rum, honey and passion fruit. If the mead is too cold, some of these nuances can be lost. However, if it is too hot, the alcohol can overpower the flavor profile.

For more information, see our blog post on Ideal Temperatures for Serving Honey Wines, Meads, and Beers .

To enjoy PASSIFLORA RUM BARREL-AGED MEAD, it is recommended to use a dessert wine glass (a cordial glass) or a small white wine glass. These glasses have a shape that concentrates the aromas, allowing the complex nuances of the mead to be better appreciated. A tulip glass may also be suitable, as its shape helps release and concentrate aromas, while the narrower mouth preserves subtle nuances.

For more information, check out our blog post on The “One Glass Fits All” Fallacy: Elevating Your Drinking Experience

PASSIFLORA RUM BARREL-AGED MEAD should be stored in a cool, dark and stable place, ideally at a constant temperature of around 12°C. Avoid exposure to direct light and sudden changes in temperature, as they can affect the quality and flavors of the mead. A wine cellar or temperature-controlled refrigerator is ideal for storage.

The shelf life of PASSIFLORA RUM BARREL-AGED MEAD is considerably long due to its alcohol and sugar content, which act as natural preservatives. If stored properly, it can retain its characteristics and quality for several years. However, mead can continue to evolve in the bottle, developing new nuances over time. To enjoy its optimal flavor profile, it is recommended to consume it within 5 to 10 years after bottling.



¡Una playlist curada para escuchar mientras disfrutas PASSIFLORA RUN BARREL-AGED!


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