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Intense. Decadent. Sumptuous.

MoCA is a sparkling mead, with cocoa, coffee and vanilla. Rich, dark color, aromas of chocolate, with a sweet, complex flavor, balanced with honey and coffee notes.

  • 350 mL bottle
  • 7.7% alc. / vol.
  • Gluten free

Ingredients: Water, Honey, Cocoa, Coffee, Vanilla, Lactose and Yeast.

  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Product Type: Mead

Customer Reviews

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Adam Villanueva (San José, CR)
It is a drink that everyone has to try

It is a drink that everyone has to try, it is sweet but without losing sight of the fact that it is a beer, each of its ingredients is perceived and greatly enjoyed.

Oscar Castillo (San José, CR)

It has a very good chocolatey flavor, but not enough to feel heavy

"MoCA is a bochet style mead. We caramelize the honey at low temperature for a week. This darkens the color, reduces the amount of water and intensifies the flavor of the honey, creating darker, somewhat woody and caramel notes. We ferment this honey with cocoa and lactose powder and after fermentation we age it for 12 months with coffee beans and vanilla beans from the farm." - Alejandra Araya.

Cóctel Destacado: El Tico Libre con Moca Hidromiel Espumoso

Featured Cocktail: El Tico Libre

Discover Tico Libre, a refreshing Costa Rican version of the classic Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke), made with Costa Rica Meadery's MOCA Sparkling Mead. Learn how to prepare this unique cocktail that combines the flavors of cocoa, coffee and vanilla, and delight your senses with every sip. Ideal for tropical nights and special events. Explore this recipe and other craft products today!

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MOCA hidromiel paired with tiramisu


Elevate your dessert to the next level with MOCA accompanied by a delicious tiramisu. The harmonious combination of coffee and cacao in the mead and dessert creates a symphony of flavors, while the effervescence of MOCA contrasts beautifully with the creamy texture of the tiramisu. Caramelized honey adds an extra layer of complexity, making each bite and sip a truly indulgent experience.

MOCA mead paired with steak with coffee sauce


Transform your main course with a succulent steak in coffee sauce, perfectly complemented by MOCA. The robust flavors of the meat are balanced by the rich coffee and caramelized honey notes of the mead. MOCA's effervescence cuts through the richness of the meat, while its subtle nuances of chocolate and vanilla add depth to the dish. Serve with mashed sweet potato for a sweet contrast that will further enhance the MOCA flavors.

MOCA mead paired with french toast and bacon


Enjoy a decadent brunch by pairing MOCA with French toast smothered in maple syrup and crispy bacon. The sweetness of the MOCA syrup and caramelized honey are perfectly balanced by the saltiness of the bacon, while the coffee notes in the mead complement your breakfast wonderfully. The effervescence of MOCA refreshes your palate between bites, preparing it for the next delicious combination of sweet and savory flavors.


10–12°C (50–54°F)

The best temperature to serve MOCA is between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius. This temperature allows the complex flavors of cocoa, coffee, and vanilla to fully express themselves, while the effervescence remains refreshing and pleasant. Avoid serving it too cold, as it could mask some of the more subtle notes.

For more information, see our blog post on Ideal Temperatures for Serving Honey Wines, Meads, and Beers .

The ideal glassware for MOCA is a brandy glass or snifter. These glasses allow the aromas of cocoa, coffee and vanilla to be concentrated and better appreciated, in addition to improving the tasting experience thanks to their shape that directs the mead towards the palate.

Alternatively, a glass of medium-bodied red wine is also suitable, as it allows a good appreciation of the complex aromas and flavors of MOCA.

For more information, check out our blog post on The “One Glass Fits All” Fallacy: Elevating Your Drinking Experience

To properly store MOCA, store it in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and sudden changes in temperature. A cellar or a cool pantry are ideal options. Keep the bottle upright to minimize contact of the mead with the cap, which will help preserve its flavors and effervescence.

The shelf life of MOCA can vary, but it is generally recommended to consume it within 2 to 3 years of bottling to enjoy it at its best. As it ages, flavors can evolve and develop further, but after this period, quality and freshness can begin to decline.



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