Conveniently located near the Juan Santamaría International Airport, and only 40 minutes from downtown San José, Costa Rica Meadery sits on the slopes of the Barva Volcano, surrounded by panoramic views of Costa Rica's Central Valley. The winery where Costa Rica Meadery produces honey wine, craft beer, and mead is located in El Arca Botanical Garden, a unique destination that features 20 acres of gardens, orchards, greenhouses, and a farm to table restaurant.

During a visit to the Costa Rica Meadery, people can purchase bottles directly from the winery, enjoy a guided tasting of honey wine, craft beer and mead, or combine the tasting with a tour of the winery and brewery and the beautiful gardens and orchards of El Arca. You should take into account that the tasting and the tour require a reservation in advance.

The extraordinary collection of honey wines, beers and meads, the beautiful gardens and orchards, the breathtaking views and the exceptional tasting experiences make Costa Rica Meadery a premier destination in the central valley of Costa Rica.