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Commitment to Sustainability

Costa Rica Meadery is committed to being a sustainable business leader in the Costa Rican craft beverage industry by setting goals, creating policies, and following practices that have a positive impact on environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

We believe that environmental sustainability occurs when our processes, systems, and activities reduce the environmental impact of our facilities, products, and operations.

To this end, we have created an environmentally focused organizational culture that enables us to effectively manage our energy use, emissions, waste and water use.

Objectives, Policies and Practices of Environmental Sustainability

    Our Commitment to Social Sustainability

    Costa Rica Meadery is committed to maintaining a beneficial relationship with the communities in which we operate.

    To this end, we are honored to participate in various community support programs that provide educational, cultural, and recreational activities. We have established communication channels with the community in which topics of common interest are addressed through dialogue. We provide employment opportunities that offer safe working conditions and fair wages to members of our community.

    Objectives, Policies and Practices of Social Sustainability

      Our Commitment to Economic Sustainability

      Costa Rica Meadery's approach to economic sustainability focuses on activities that promote business growth, efficiency and productivity supporting the financial viability of the business. A sustainable economic model proposes an equitable distribution and an efficient allocation of resources. The idea is to promote the use of those resources in an efficient and responsible way that provides long-term benefits and establishes profitability.

      To this end, we use financial tools, including cost structures, balance sheets, and income statements to measure past performance and forecast the future. Metrics and customer feedback are constantly used as input for our management decisions. Frequent review and review of the marketing plan, production plan, to achieve a coherent and effective overall strategy.

      Objectives, Policies and Practices of Economic Sustainability