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Hermosa lugar

Fue una experiencia bastante agradable, conocimos frutas muy interesantes que no son tan comunes, el lugar muy lindo y limpio , y los dueños de verdad emiten una energía muy linda, realmente aman lo que hacen y lograr que el visitante se sienta muy a gusto en el lugar,
Si quieren salir de la rutina, por un día, muy recomendado
Las bebidas muy interesante sus sabores y lo bueno es que hay para todos los gustos

Gaia en una Botella

La complejidad de aromas es un Universo a la mente , cumple la promesa romántica de sabores exóticos e inimaginables que revolotean a la música de la carbonatación salvaje . Un dorado profundo de extrema elegancia recuerda un atardecer en Abril previo a las lluvias . Simplemente una belleza !

A Otro Nivel

Una de mis favoritas, MUY diferente y ese saborcito frutal leve a sandía, la lleva a otro nivel. Refrescante , fresca y ese “algo más” que solo se puede saber probándola. Recomendada.

Ustedes la necesitan

Es mi bebida alcoholica favorita, muy refrescante.
Una enhanced hiel bien hecha

MoCA - Hidromiel Espumoso - La Tienda
Adam Villanueva (San José, CR)
Es una bebida que todos tienen que probar

Es una bebida que todos tienen que probar, es dulce pero sin perderse de que es una cerveza, cada uno de sus ingredientes se perciben y se disfrutan mucho


Probamos este producto en un dia de mucho calor y es excelente , nos permitió disfrutar un grupo, la calidad es excelente. Ya habíamos probado hidromiel en otro pais pero no es ni cerca de este. Los felicito keep on going

CARIBEÑO - Hidromiel Espumoso - La Tienda
Jorge Sabater (San José, CR)

Muy buen sabor, buena presencia y gran personalidad. 👍🏼👍🏼

CUCUMI - Cerveza Artesanal - Costa Rica Meadery
Michael Lindeman (Heredia, CR)
Alejandra has done it again!

Well... Alejandra has done it again! Somehow she has figured out how to brew a delicious, unique brew using some very unusual fruits that she found growing at El Arca. This time she has used Kiwano (look it up!), Tomatillo, and rosemary-infused honey to create a refreshingly tart, fruity beer. For me, Cucumi is similar to Acertijo, one of my all-time favorites from Costa Rica Meadery, yet different enough to stand on its own. I am so happy this sour beer is in a 350 ml bottle... I am going to be frequently grabbing one of these from the fridge during these hot days!

Tropical Tartness: A Refreshing Twist on Sweet Mead with MELINIA

As the co-owner of Costa Rica Meadery, the proud producer of MELINIA, I might just have a tiny bit of bias when it comes to our creations. But, let's be honest, who wouldn't? I've always had a soft spot for all of our sweet meads, yet MELINIA holds a special place in my heart. What sets it apart for me is its delightful tartness, a playful twist that dances on the palate, distinguishing it from our other sweet offerings.

I find immense joy in sipping this mead from a cordial glass, where its vibrant flavors and aromas can truly express themselves. However, my fondness doesn't stop there. Incorporating MELINIA into a spritz cocktail elevates it to a whole new level of refreshment. It's hard to imagine a more invigorating drink to enjoy on a warm, sunny afternoon in the tropics. The combination of its tartness with the effervescence of a spritz makes it an unparalleled delight.

So, while I admit my view might be slightly colored by my role, I invite you to dive into the unique experience that is MELINIA. It's more than just a mead; it's a testament to the creativity and passion we pour into every bottle at Costa Rica Meadery. Cheers to the adventures that await in every glass!


Great experience tasting a getting to know people around the world while tasting wonderful
mead. Would highly recommend

Thank you for the wonderful review! We're delighted to hear that you had a great experience with our guided tastings at Costa Rica Meadery. It's fantastic to know that you enjoyed not only the mead but also the opportunity to meet people from around the world in a fun, social, and entertaining setting. We believe that sharing stories and experiences adds a special flavor to our tastings, and we're glad you agree.

We appreciate your recommendation and look forward to welcoming you back for more delightful mead and camaraderie. Cheers to many more shared moments and tastings in the future!

A beautiful and impressive oasis! So so worth it!

This is an amazing oasis in Costa Rica! The owners/operators are very impressive. Alejandra took us on a tour of the grounds that feature all of the fruits, trees and plants that they use in the mead and beer. The tasting was intimate, informative and very tasty. The ingredients are fresh and perfectly balanced. An awesome way to spend a few hours in Costa Rica. Go see Michael and Alejandra! It’s so worth it!

Thank you so much for your positive review of our tour and tasting activity at Costa Rica Meadery! We are indeed passionate about showcasing the natural bounty of Costa Rica through our meads and beers, and it’s great to know that our efforts, along with the freshness and balance of our ingredients, resonated with you.

We’re glad you agree that spending a few hours with us is a fantastic choice, especially for those seeking unique and enriching experiences near the international airport or close to San José. It was our pleasure to share our love for mead and beer making with you, and we hope to welcome you back again soon.

GÉNOVA - Cerveza Artesanal - La Tienda
Grevin Ocampo (San José, CR)
Mi preferida

Increíble sabor a lúpulo y albahaca, una combinación perfecta, deliciosa y fresca!

El tour y la degustación estuvieron increíbles!!

Fui con mi familia incluido mi hijo de 3 años y a todos nos encanto el tour, probamos diferentes frutos que luego nos ayudaron a distinguir mejor en las hidromieles y bueno la atención un 10/10 son muy buenos explicando.

Best experience on beer tasting

It was an amazing experience; the tour was truly interesting, and the tasting experience was the best. They made it fun by sharing fascinating facts about Costa Rican culture and historical practices. What added an extra layer of delight was the opportunity to taste the actual fruits they use to craft the drinks, providing a delightful sensory connection to the local flavors.

Necessary Experience

Nice people who love what they do and show it to you with such passion can never go wrong. Amazing product. Want to keep coming here!

Incredible time at the Costa Rica Meadery garden tour and tasting

My husband and I had an incredible time at the Costa Rica Meadery garden tour and tasting led by the charismatic owner, Michael. The meads and beers brewed by his wife, Alejandra were a delightful and unique blend of flavors, We enjoyed every sip! During the tour, we also got to taste some of the raw ingredients, including a few we never heard of before. The farm's restaurant served a delicious lunch with beautiful views, completing a truly memorable and enjoyable experience. It’s a great way to spend a good part of the day while in the San Jose area! Highly recommend!

PASSIFLORA - Vino de Miel - La Tienda
Judith Duboff (Miami, US)

This wine I will use as a special treat paired with dark chocolate as was suggested.

100% recommend for a 2 hour tour.

Great time on the tasting tour ran by Michael! 100% recommend for a 2 hour tour. Lots of interesting flavours exclusive to Costa Rica.

Hey Chris. Thanks for celebrating your honeymoon with us! I hope you and your wife have a wonderful time in Costa Rica.

MORÜS - Cerveza Artesanal - La Tienda
Carolina Quesada Ruiz (Heredia, CR)

Su base de maíz pujagua la hace una bebida interesante, y le gusta mucha a quienes disfrutan de lo amargo de las cervezas

CARIBEÑO - Hidromiel Espumoso - La Tienda
Carolina Quesada Ruiz (Heredia, CR)
Es la preferida

Es una rica opción, fresca, suave, agradable para las personas que no les gusta la cerveza muy amarga.

CARIBEÑO - Hidromiel Espumoso - La Tienda
José Courrau (San José, CR)
Caribeño, consistentemente excelente!

Yo continúo confirmando que Caribeño es mi opción número 1 en la Meadery. ¡Gracias!

KAHLO - Cerveza Artesanal - La Tienda
José Courrau (San José, CR)
Fantastic surprise

I visited the meadery to purchase Caribeño but decided to add also a couple of Kahlo as a new option. After tasting Kahlo I have to say that it was a fantastic surprise, great flavor, refreshing, and smooth. From now on, Caribeño and Kahlo will be in my list! Thank you for a great option!

Love the place, the guides that schooled us in many interesting plants and the process of make hi...

We really enjoy the tour, Ale (the guide) was extremely kind. We Love all the experience!🌟
We’ve visited Meadery two times up to now!

You cannot miss out on this!

I cannot speak higher of this family- owned Meadery run by the loveliest people - Michael and Alejandra! The tour of the herb/fruit gardens and tasting was personal and undeniably a highlight of my families trip to CR! The mead and beer was not only delicious and packed with exquisite, unique flavor profiles, but each bottle is backed by a touching story from the owners! This place embodies the character, ingenuity, and (literal) sweetness you are in search for! You cannot miss out on this!